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Looking ahead to the domestic market this week

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Last week, the domestic benzol and benzene market showed a narrow consolidation trend. Oil diversion demand is still the biggest reason to support the high level. However, downstream demand has not recovered, terminal demand is still general, and market turnover is still limited. As of last Friday's closing, the mainstream of East China toluene Market talks were in the vicinity of 5250-5275 yuan/ton (Zhangjiagang canned), solvent xylene market talks were in the vicinity of 5625-5650 yuan/ton (canned), isomeric xylene market talks were in the vicinity of 5725-5750 yuan/ton (canned), futures led the domestic market, and the on-site wait-and-see sentiment was strong. Recently, the impact of international crude oil shocks on the market has gradually diminished. However, the price of the external market has been higher and the price gap between the internal and external markets has widened, which to some extent supports the domestic market. This week's focus is on: 1. downstream solvent, paint enterprises start work, downstream terminal demand recovery. 2. Changes in port stock and actual digestion. 3. The impact of periphery changes on the domestic market.